I think the greatest works of dramatic literature ever written are about those people who did not abide by their true nature. You have deeply rooted passions for a reason. If you do not do those things, the world is denied something of which it was owed. Only you can provide the thing only you possess. It truly solidifies the fact that this "dream" we are currently living is not in vain. These poets of human nature are screaming to us from the depths of these black and white pages.

Plays are meant to be done now more than ever. It is our duty on this earth to awaken the soul of a forgotten humanity.

If Eugene O'Neill had decided to jump off that ship after six years of running away from himself, we would not have his life-altering art in our hands still ripe with collaborative potency. We would not be able to meet humanity through his words in service of audiences today. Personally, I wouldn't have been able to finally grasp the true reason for what I do.

If 100 years later his work is fanning the flame of my artistic purpose, what will your art do in the future for someone else lost at sea?